Aiko Melendez denies editing photos to look slimmer

Heidi Hsia

3 Jun – Aiko Melendez is perplexed as to why people are accusing her of editing her photos when it took her a long time to finally achieve the physique that she desired.

As reported on Inquirer, the actress who recently posted a photo of her looking much slimmer than she used to, stated that she doesn't understand why some people can't be happy when a person achieved their goal.

"When I was fat, you said I looked like a mum, but now [that I'm thinner], I edited it. Can't it be another thing? That I worked hard for it? Can't it be that I have gone through pain and sacrifices just to achieve my weight now?" she asked.

Melendez stated that envy doesn't lead anyone anywhere, and that netizens should just be happy like her.

The actress again explained that she actually practised calorie counting in order to get to her current physique following a procedure, aside from taking additional weight loss supplements.

"This is my body! I am accountable to myself and no one else," she said, adding that she is too old to be editing her photos to get attention on social media.

Melendez also expressed hope that the photo will inspire other people struggling with their weight to do the same.

(Photo Source: Aiko Melendez Instagram)