AI-Writer review: Is this the AI writing solution for you?

 AI-writer review
AI-writer review

In today's digital era, having unique and high-quality content is paramount for businesses to succeed. However, creating such content can be challenging and time-consuming. This is where AI-powered writing assistants come in handy. There are many options available on the market, but one of the most popular and reliable ones is AI-Writer.

AI-Writer is a premium tool that offers a variety of features to help you improve your pre-existing content and write new articles from scratch. The tool is available at different prices, making it accessible to businesses (or individuals)  of all sizes.

One of the most significant advantages of using AI-Writer is its SEO-friendly nature. The tool has the ability to analyze keywords and competitors to ensure that the content it generates is optimized for search engines. Additionally, the tool guarantees that the AI-generated text is unique and original, which means you don't have to worry about plagiarism issues.

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Now, the question arises: can AI-Writer live up to its promises? The answer is yes. For certain types of writers, the answer is yes, as you’ll read below.


AI-Writer subtopics page example
AI-Writer subtopics page example

AI-Writer, like many other AI writing tools, is easily accessible through a web browser and has a user-friendly interface. A free trial, which doesn’t require that you add credit or debit card information, is available to new users. During the trial, you can create a limited number of articles of up to 600 words.

Like similar tools, AI-Writer is available at various price points with limits placed on the less expensive options. On the positive side, those who opt for a membership can create and edit content of up to 5,000 words, regardless of the plan, which is a substantial amount. The entry-level package limits the number of articles you can create per month to 40, while the mid-priced package allows for 120 articles every month. The maximum plan, which is priced accordingly, offers the creation of up to 1,000 articles per month.

Once you’ve registered for a free AI-Writer account, you can create or edit your first project.  The dashboard offers various tools on the left side of the main page. If you're struggling to come up with a topic to write about, you can use the Topic Suggest 2.0 tool. This tool is linked to major search engines like Google and Bing and provides SEO-friendly subtopics based on your input.

If you plan to write about the “iPhone 15,” for example, you can use the Topic Suggest 2.0 tool to generate a list of subtopics related to it. This tool also shows the search volume for each subtopic, which can help you determine how popular your article could be.

AI-Writer example
AI-Writer example

To begin writing on your chosen subtopic, click “Start Research & Write.” This will take you to AI-Writer’s “Research + Write” tool, where you have two options: Tailor-Made Article or a 1-Click Article. The Tailor-Made Article option is recommended, allowing you to customize the article before the AI tool starts writing. This option will enable you to select a headline and specific keywords, add, edit, and remove subtopics, and determine the ordering and word count.

If you prefer hands-off writing, select the 1-Click Article option for AI-Writer to immediately start writing, making all the critical decisions for you.

After the AI writer generates your article, you can easily make any necessary changes before printing, deleting, or downloading it as a text file. One of the standout features that sets AI-Writer apart from other writing tools is that in view mode, it displays the sources and links to the information used in the article. This not only helps readers to understand and verify the data presented but also strengthens the credibility of the article.

AI-Writer results example
AI-Writer results example

Are you looking for an efficient way to improve an existing article? If so, the AI-Writer's "Reword + Enhance" tool is an excellent option to consider. This tool combines two powerful features into one, making it easy to enhance your article's quality and readability.

To use the "Reword + Enhance" tool, all you need to do is provide the title and copy of the article and activate the "Enhance" option. Once you've done that, AI-Writer will get to work on cleaning up the untidy text and searching for sources you can add as citations, if required. By using the "Enhance" option, you can quickly and easily refine your article's content, making it more informative and engaging for your readers.

If you're looking to rephrase the text, correct spelling, and fix grammatical errors, then the "Reword" option is what you need. Simply activate this option, and AI-Writer will take care of the rest.

AI-Writer example
AI-Writer example

AI-Writer also has a "Publish to WordPress" "Publish to WordPress" plugin, which allows you to publish your content directly from AI-Writer to your WordPress website with ease. This plugin simplifies your writing process by removing the need to switch back and forth between your writing tool and WordPress editor. Because of how it’s designed, Grammarly’s GrammarlyGO AI writing tool works the same, but without a plugin, making its setup easier to work with WordPress.

Installation, setup, and compatibility

Wehave tested many rtless writing tool that requires no installation or setup. It works smoothly on all platforms and browsers, making it one of the easiest AI writing tools to get started with. However, using AI-Writer on a mobile web browser is not recommended unless you need quick assistance with a short article. There’s not enough real estate on a mobile device such as a smartphone to make AI-Writer worth it. Perhaps offering a native AI-Writer app in the future could change this recommendation.

We have tested many AI writing tools; AI-Writer, at least on a desktop or laptop, is undoubtedly one of the best!


AI-Writer example
AI-Writer example

There’s no question that AI-Writer is one of the most accessible word generators on the market. While it may not be as extensive as Anyword or CopyAI, primarily aimed at marketing and sales, it is an excellent tool for freelancers and bloggers, which is its intended audience.

Two important points stand out from a useable perspective, one good and another bad. On the positive side, it’s second to none regarding sourcing. As it rightfully explains on its website, AI-Writer is the only AI content generator that cites sources for “everything it writes.” Perhaps even better, it’s constantly updating the authorities, so when you write an article, you’re guaranteed it’s sourcing the latest information on a subject.

AI-Writer also understands that some articles people intend to write typically don’t require sourcing, such as op-eds. So, it hides sources and links from the main results page.

It is important to note that while AI-Writer has its benefits, there is also a minor drawback that should be considered. Due to the extensive sourcing involved in the AI writing process, the results generated by AI-Writer take a few more seconds to appear compared to other AI writing tools I have used. Although this may not be a significant issue, the noticeable delay should be mentioned. Alternative plans like GrammarlyGO, for example, offer results without hesitation. But again, sourcing is no doubt the issue here.

My advice for the AI-Writer team: It might be wise to allow the writer to turn off the sourcing feature to speed up the editing process.

Beyond this,  from a useability standpoint, I have nothing but praise for this writing solution.

Plans and pricing

AI-Writer prices
AI-Writer prices

AI-Writer provides a simple way to select potential subscribers' most suitable membership levels. There are three plans available, and the only differences among them are the number of articles that can be generated each month and the number of users allowed.

The basic plan costs $29 monthly and is intended for one user who generates up to 40 monthly articles. If you need a 120-word maximum, the standard procedure is a good choice. At $49 per month, you can have up to three users. The power plan costs $375 per month, is designed for up to 10 users, and includes 1,000 articles monthly.

All three plans offer the ability to generate articles of up to 5,000 words, an SEO editor, text rewording, API access, a subtopic discovery tool, and a publish-to-WordPress feature. AI-Writer offers two months of free coverage for yearly plan subscribers, a nice bonus.

Each plan comes with a limited free trial.

Final verdict

AI-Writer has a lot going for it, starting with its incredible ease of use. From the moment you start, the step-by-step process of generating words is simple and slick. And as mentioned above, there's nothing better on the market today regarding sourcing content.

And yet, there's room for improvement. I would like to see app integration such as the one GrammarlyGO offers. For example,  a Microsoft Word plugin for AI-Writer would be a valuable tool, enabling writers to make improvements directly from their word processor without navigating to the website. And yet, if you're a blogger, freelancer, or startup.

However, if you're a marketer or salesperson, there are better tools out there. But, if you are a marketer or salesperson, better tools are available in the market. In its current form, AI-Writer doesn't help create catchy headlines for social media or craft a writing style to appeal to different audiences.