Ai-Ai delas Alas is no longer in communication with Jiro Manio

Heidi Hsia

23 Jan – Ai-Ai delas Alas recently admitted that she has cut communications with troubled former child star Jiro Manio, who was arrested last week for allegedly stabbing a man in Marikina.

As reported on PEP, the actress who found herself being linked to the actor following news of his arrest, took to social media to express her thoughts about Manio, saying that she has had no communication with him since he decided to leave his drug rehabilitation in Bataan halfway back in 2017.

"Someone told me that he was smoking marijuana again. That's when I thought, "That's it". I felt like, after all my effort, my assistance, my advice, all the family support, everything was thrown away. You are in rehab, why are you doing marijuana?" she said.

delas Alas revealed that she actually took Manio to rehab twice - the first in Quezon City back in 2015, where the actor stayed for eight months; and the second one in Bataan, where he was there for almost two years.

However, the actress stated that Manio was never serious about rehabilitation.

"When I first sent him, he was 23. Then 25, 26... he was already an adult. He wasn't a minor anymore. So I said, maybe that's all I could do for him. What else can I do? If that's what he wants, he's old enough," she added.

Nonetheless, delas Alas admitted that she still has high hopes for Manio to change his ways and realise his mistakes.

"Hopefully, his family will at least support him in everything," she said. "All I can do now is pray and ask for others to pray for him too, so that he can surpass everything that has happened to him. To those who will judge me, God bless, God knows what is inside my heart and what I really did for Jiro's welfare."

delas Alas and Manio first met back when the actor was just a child star, playing the role of his mother in "Ang Tanging Ina".

(Photo Source: PBS)