Ah Girls Go Army Part 2 slated for June 2022 release; Part 1 earns S$2 million in Singapore

Yang Guang Ke Le as Princess See in Ah Girls Go Army. (Photo: mm2 Entertainment)
Yang Guang Ke Le as Princess See in Ah Girls Go Army. (Photo: mm2 Entertainment)

Singaporean filmmaker Jack Neo's new movie, Ah Girls Go Army, is now a box office hit despite mixed reactions to the film.

Production company MM2 Entertainment announced today that Ah Girls Go Army had grossed over S$2 million in Singapore, and RM1.5 million in Malaysia and Brunei.

An MM2 spokesperson said the combined box office figure for Malaysia and Brunei is based on the Malaysian ringgit as distribution in Brunei is handled through Malaysia.

Ah Girls Go Army had a production budget of S$2 million.

MM2 also said that the sequel, Ah Girls Go Army Part 2, is slated for release in June 2022.

The spokesperson told us that part of the footage for Part 2 had been shot, but the production would shoot additional scenes in March.

Ah Girls Go Army. (Image: Ah Girls Go Army Facebook Page)
The cast of Ah Girls Go Army. (Image: Ah Girls Go Army/Facebook)

We reported last week that Ah Girls Go Army earned S$1.67 million at the Singapore box office as of 7 February.

The movie opened on 1 February in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

A spin-off of director Neo's Ah Boys To Men series of military comedies, the film is set in an imaginary Singapore where females are conscripted into the military alongside males.

Apple Chan and Glenn Yong star in the film, along with more than a dozen actors that Neo cast through audition videos submitted by influencers and netizens.

You can read our review of Ah Girls Go Army here.

Ah Girls Go Army's box office success comes amid negative critical reviews and divided reactions from viewers.

Neo directed popular local movies like Money No Enough, I Not Stupid, and the Ah Boys To Men series.

His films make millions at the box office although they are often criticised for being low-brow and cinematically unsophisticated.

Ah Girls Go Army is currently still showing in cinemas.

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