‘Aggro Dr1ft’ Trailer: Harmony Korine’s Heat Vision Hitman Movie Stars Travis Scott | Video

Are you ready to feel the “Aggro Dr1ft?”

The new thriller, captured completely in infrared and enhanced during post-production with computer-generated flourishes, aims to meld the traditional film narrative space with something more alien and game-like. You can watch the results in the brand-new trailer above.

Directed by Harmony Korine, the filmmaker behind “Spring Breakers” and “Gummo,” the film follows an assassin named BO (Jordi Mollà) as he attempts to vanquish an evil crime lord in a Florida that only Korine could probably capture. Rapper Travis Scott also stars, having collaborated with Korine on the “Pompeii” segment of his “Circus Maximus” project. Producer and DJ AraabMuzik (nee Abraham Orellana) provided the score for “Aggro Dr1ft.”

The film, part of Korine’s new EDGLRD collective, premiered at the Venice International Film Festival last fall, with subsequent screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival and New York Film Festival. It has yet to receive a traditional distribution arrangement, but it was recently announced that the film would screen at a Los Angeles strip club called Crazy Girls on Feb. 7 and 8. Following the Los Angeles bow Korine will tour the movie in “unconventional venues across the country” (according to an official release).

When the film played the fall festivals, most critics were befuddled or enraged. New York Magazine critic Bilge Ebiri called it an “anti-movie” and said it “looks cool for a few minutes.” It’s unclear if it will ever get a wide release, either theatrically or digitally. If you want to see it, might need to get a ticket to the strip club showing.

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