AGA talks of struggles in achieving dreams

9 Jan – Although it took her seven years to finally achieve her dream of holding her own concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, singer-songwriter AGA admitted that there are people who question her eligibility as a performer to hold a show in the prestigious venue.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who sat down for an interview to promote the upcoming April concert, stated that a lot of people were unaware that she has been in the industry for a long time and would have the qualification and capability to perform at the said venue.

"People do not know that I have been a composer for five years before I even started releasing my own album. Plus the seven years as a singer, I actually have a 12-year experience in the industry, and am not "just some artiste" who wants to perform at the Coliseum," she said.

Chasing her dream in the music industry was never easy for AGA, who stated that she has had many frustrating moments throughout her career, from quitting her job as a stewardess to pursue music, and failing to sell her work for three years.

"Although I was discouraged, I persisted. But I began to doubt my ability and saw no prospect in it," she said.

The singer also has her own reason as to why performing at the venue was a big deal for her, as it reminded her of that particular time in her life when she was down in the dumps.

"One day, a friend of mine accompanied me to the eastbound of the Hong Kong Coliseum, and told me that one day I will get to perform here. Not a year later, I successfully sold my first song. Then I was offered a contract to become a singer-songwriter," she said.

The upcoming concert, "AGA Round Midnight Live 2020" will be held on 4 to 5 April.

(Photo Source: AGA Instagram)