Affordable Western stall, Ted’s Kitchen, reopens after a 5 year hiatus along Ubi Avenue

After a 5 year hiatus, Ted’s Kitchen, located at 81 Ubi Avenue 4, has finally reopened on 20 Feb 2023 serving affordable Western food.

Ted's Kitchen - Storefront
Credit – Ted’s Kitchen

Ted’s Kitchen was opened by Chef Thad back in 2017 as a way for him to serve delicious and affordable Western food to the masses. However, it closed down in July 2018 when Chef Thad decided to pursue something new.

Years went by after the closure and Chef Thad missed the buzz of running the stall, creating new dishes and most importantly, the joy of seeing customers’ happy faces with his food. He also has a following of loyal customers and friends who have been religiously following him for updates, and they would often request for him to reopen the stall.

Ted's Kitchen - Fried Chicken Aglio Olio
Credit – Ted’s Kitchen

Chef Thad spent months preparing for the reopening which includes updating his menu, revamping the decor and even taking some cooking classes to improve his skills. And it has been paying off, as Ted’s Kitchen has been selling out since its reopening.

The menu mainly consists of pasta, burgers and rice dishes. You have pasta options like Grilled Chicken Aglio Olio (S$7.90)Grilled Salmon Aglio Olio (S$8.90) and Grilled Prawns Aglio Olio (S$8).

Ted's Kitchen - Grilled Chicken Chop Rice
Credit – Ted’s Kitchen

For burgers, you can opt for Fried Chicken Burger (S$6.50), Grilled Beef Burger (S$7.50)Grilled Chicken Burger (S$6.50) and Fried Fish Burger (S$6.50).

There are also other options such as Grilled Chicken Chop with Rice (S$5.50) and Grilled Fish with Rice (S$5.50). Complete your meal with an order of sides, like Fries (S$2.50)Cheese Fries (S$3.50), Truffle Fries (S$4.50) and Nuggets (S$3.50).

Here’s hoping Ted’s Kitchen’s return will be a much longer one this time!

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