These affordable denim brands let you get your French style fix sustainably

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Several apparel brands are making more eco-friendly jeans.

It takes around 10,000 liters of water to produce a pair of jeans, four times as much as for a T-shirt. With around 2 billion pairs sold each year throughout the world, it's fair to say that denim is not the most sustainable garment in your wardrobe. Fortunately, certain companies are committed to producing more eco-friendly and affordable jeans; this selection combines French style and sustainable production methods.

1083 is not the date of creation of this brand, but the number of kilometers that separate the two most distant cities on French soil. The brand's main commitment is to produce its jeans in a shorter distance than 1083 from your home (if you live in France). This suggests that it aims to reduce its environmental impact and focuses on locally produced material and jobs. The label committed to using mostly organic certified GOTS cotton for its jeans a long time ago, and it recently went even further with its "Infini" range made with 100% recycled jeans that can be upcycled endlessly. Anotther important detail: its jeans are given the fading process with a special laser unit also based in France. 1083 offers a wide range of cuts for men and women alike.
> Prices: between 99 and 129 euros.
> Website: .

This brand, based in the south of France, is not considered an eco-friendly label as such, but it started taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint several years ago. One of its most salient initiatives was the creation of an eco-designed denim collection for men and women. Its jeans are made of organic cotton denim, recycled cotton and recycled polyester fibers. Their production requires 25% less water and generates 15% less energy than a standard pair. Moreover, the use of these eco-friendly and recycled fibers means a 20% reduction in the use of chemicals. Various cuts, from slim to regular, straight and skinny are available for men and women. The brand also launched a program a few years ago to buy back and recycle its clients' denim.
> Prices: between 79 and 109 euros for its sustainable collection.
> Website: .

Atelier Tuffery
With a history of making jeans that dates back to 1892, with techniques passed on from each generation to the next, this French label offers quality and sustainable jeans that are 100% cut, sewn, assembled and faded in France. Slow fashion has been one of this label's mottos for a few years now. Atelier Tuffery opts for locally produced raw material and produces mostly organic cotton denim, dyed with natural indigo as well as hemp denim, certified ethical and sustainable.
> Prices: starting at 170 euros for organic cotton or hemp.
> Website: .