Aesthetic treatment trends for 2019

Aesthetic treatment trends for 2019

Trends in aesthetics might not move quickly as those in hair and make-up, but with new technologies and treatments being discovered all the time, it's important for practitioners to keep their lasers on the pulse.

Many of us will be familiar with non-surgical treatments such as Botox, dermaplaning and microneedling. And while they will still be relevant for some beauty lovers, advances being made in the industry mean that treatments will be much improved.

We spoke to Dr. Tijion Esho, the resident cosmetic doctor on E4's Body Fixers, for his predictions on the must-have beauty treatments for the next year.

Facial mapping

By using 3D imaging and augmented reality, clients can get a chance to see what their face will look like post-treatment before they've even gone near a needle. Dr. Esho calls it an 'impact treatment,' which works on the entire face and can transform round faces into defined, sharp silhouettes.

"The big gamechanger is that instead of using plastic surgery to make the changes circa 2018, the results are achieved via bespoke fillers," he says.


Still the number one requested treatment, the Botox market is going to be "blown apart" in 2019 thanks to a new B-type 2 toxin.

"You'll need less of it and the results last longer which is good for practitioners as it means you save more in terms of dosage and good for patients as the longevity means fewer treatments," insists the TV doctor.

No-peel peels

"Peels have traditionally been aggressive on the skin but smarter peels are coming that create the same result," explains Dr. Esho. "Treating everything from acne, redness and hyperpigmentation, they gently alter the pH of the skin that triggers a gentle but effective peel.

"You will still need a course of them and they don't come cheap, but you will be able to walk straight back into work with no visible signs of shedding."

Microneedling makeover

The problem with microneedling is when you're trying to get a good glide on the needle and it slips. In 2019, the Dermapen4 will be the solution. Completely cordless, the product utilises Bluetooth, and it can be controlled via settings on an app. With 1900 vibrations per minute and a stamp mode of 3mm, it's the fastest, deepest pen out there and can even treat hypertrophic scars.

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