Ady An: An Jun-can approves of my husband!

12 Oct - Ady An couldn't help but choke with tears as she reminisces about best friend, actor An Jun-can who passed away in 2015 from liver cancer.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress who recently appeared on the hit Zhang Xiaoyan talk show, shared that An liked to travel and that in the final stage of his life, she arranged for the actor to join her and husband (then boyfriend) Chen Ronglian on a vacation to Phuket, Thailand.

Ady said that it was during that trip that An told her that he had been observing Chen's every move and is assured of Chen's intention for Ady.

"He told me, "Sis, I really think this man is good for you"," said Ady.

She added that after her marriage, she once looked up to the sky and told him that he need not worry anymore as she is now married to Chen.

The actress also shared that a friend of hers also had a dream of An after her wedding - that she saw the actor standing at the door outside her reception, helping guests to their seats. She admitted to have been moved to tears when told about it.

When asked if she felt a bit sorry that An wasn't there at her wedding with Chen, she said, "I don't think like that. I believe he did come. He was very much approving of my husband."

Ady and An were one of the few real best friends in showbiz. The actress previously mentioned that the actor had promised to marry her if she is still single at 35. When the actor fell ill and passed away in 2015, it was Ady who took care of everything, including his funeral.

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