Ady An dismisses rumours of husband's previous marriage

10 Nov – Taiwanese actress Ady An recently slammed rumours saying that her husband Chen Ronglian has a child from a previous marriage, and that she is now a stepmother of an eight year-old daughter.

As reported on China Times, a tabloid recently alleged that the businessman was previously married to another woman, and that they have a child together two years into their union.

However, after ten years together they decided to split and are now sharing custody over their daughter. It is also said that Ady adores her stepdaughter and even treated her as her own.

Soon after the article came out, Ady went online to deny it, saying that her husband has never been married.

She wrote, "Our marriage is the first time for the both of us. Everybody more or less has an emotional past and we have always been honest with each other. I am very happy [in my marriage]. Thank you for your concern."

(Photo Source: EpochTimes)