Adwoa Aboah vows to cut back on wearing tracksuits

Adwoa Aboah

Adwoa Aboah has promised to cut back on wearing tracksuits and dress up more.

The model/activist reflected on the past year in a new interview with i-D magazine, and during the chat, noted that she would try to focus on herself as she entered the new decade.

"I'm taking more time for myself, more concentration on Gurls Talk," Adwoa shared, referring to her hugely successful online community. "My friends, the ones who really lift me. Honesty. Good conversation.

"Maybe I'll let go of wearing tracksuits so often and dress up a bit more - finally use all those great clothes I've got," she laughed.

The British beauty went on to explain that she hoped to find love over the coming year and will be taking her "perseverance and hope" into the upcoming months.

"I'll be looking for new love in 2020, I'd like to be madly, head-over-heels in love with someone in 2020," the 27-year-old smiled.

Elsewhere in the interview, Adwoa discussed her biggest personal and professional achievements, and said that while she was extremely proud of her online platform Gurls Talk, she was also impressed at her determination.

"In my personal life, it would be just getting through s**t. That's success in itself. Getting through the dark times and coming out the other end a better and more rounded human being... I think perseverance is success. I'm constantly moving forward, learning from my mistakes, trying to better myself."

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