Advent Media, A Pest Control Company?

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In door to door sales, recruiting is king. From handing out slices of pizza and donuts on college campuses, to knocking doors at college dorms, recruiting is paramount. Until now, door to door recruiters haven't had many options. Enter Advent Media.

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Advent Media brings door to door sales recruiting into the 21st century. By providing clients with access to on demand press releases in high authority publications like Influencive, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and Digital Journal, Advent allows team leaders to showcase the successes of themselves and their teams on a national scale.

The inspiration? Simple. Founders Isaiah Ort and Justin Taylor got their start in the door to door world. When it came time to build and recruit teams though, it seemed like a lot of recruits were being left on the table. “In door to door sales Utah and Idaho are the Mecca.” said Ort. “We wanted to help team leaders expand beyond the usual pool of potential recruits as well as help to bring the summer sales opportunity to more students outside of Utah and Idaho”.

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Providing team leads with media coverage does just that. At many colleges around the country, the financial opportunity provided by summer sales is nothing short of outlandish. By having high authority media coverage attesting to the success of the people in this industry and the skills to be learned, Advent Media takes recruiting from a stressful offseason task, to Segway rides and lay down sales. +


Founded in 2020, Advent Media is a full service marketing agency. While they specialize in helping recruiters build successful teams, they have worked with a wide variety of clients from realtors to clothing brands, helping them to grow their businesses and increase visibility.

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