Adut Akech candidly discusses battle with anxiety and depression

Adut Akech

Adut Akech has opened up about her struggles with anxiety and depression over the past year.

The South Sudan-born model achieved a lot of success with her fashion career during 2019, landing campaigns for the likes of Valentino and winning the Model of the Year award at The Fashion Awards 2019 last month.

However, in a new Instagram post, Adut shared how she hit a low point in her personal life after losing some family members.

"I started becoming numb to everything. It got really hard for me to express any emotion and the people around me started noticing," she wrote. "It became really hard to express my excitement and gratitude for all the amazing things happening with my career."

Adut went on to explain that she soon reached out for professional help and began sessions with a therapist. But she continued to experience panic attacks every night, and in the end, decided to take two months off to spend time at home in Australia.

"I felt depressed to a point of wanting to end it, but for my family and myself I had to fight what I could say was the hardest battle of my life. Every day was a struggle but I did everything I could to get a better mental state of mind. I started feeling better and I started seeing things clearer," the 20-year-old insisted. "Biggest lesson I learned after all this, is the importance of letting go of all things toxic. Don't hold on to toxic relationships because of comfort, or how long you've known the person or the type of relationship ya'll have. Always put yourself, mental wellbeing, peace and sanity first."

To conclude, Adut explained that she wanted to share her story so others battling the same issues will know "they're not alone".

Accordingly, the star's post attracted comments from many of her celebrity friends, including actress Storm Reid, models Naomi Campbell and Lily Aldridge, and writer Janet Mock.

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