Adibah Noor explains new slimmer figure

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10 Jun – Adibah Noor has recently surprised many with the changes of her body, having been plus-sized throughout her entertainment career.

On 8 June, the singer posted a new photo of herself for the first time in months, emceeing an event dressed in a lovely orange baju kurung.

She captioned it, "Come and let's work!"

Fans and friends alike expressed their surprise by her new figure, with fellow celebrity Fazlina Ahmad Daud commenting, "Praise be to God, you look great, sister."

Speaking to the media about it, Adibah said that she has changed her ways when it comes to food.

"If I used to eat three packs of nasi lemak, I will just eat one now," she said, adding that she limits herself to only six bites per serving nowadays.

In addition, she also reduced her habit of eating unhealthy food as well as consuming sugary drinks.

"I only consume freshly cooked meals and not eat processed food or anything from a can," she added.

Adibah stated that she decided to make a change since she is getting older.

"My knees hurt and I get breathless when I walk. I think now is the best time to start," she added.

Adibah has been slowly controlling her food intake
Adibah has been slowly controlling her food intake

(Photo Source: Adibah Noor Instagram)

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