Adason Lo successfully proposes to Ava Yu Kiu

11 Nov – Hong Kong singer Adason Lo recently admitted that he has successfully proposed to girlfriend, actress Ava Yu Kiu.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who spoke about his engagement on TVB's "StarTalk" recently, shared that he is not a romantic man, and didn't make any grand gesture to ask her to marry him.

"I proposed at home. I bought a ring but no flowers. I show her my sincerity, that I never chased any other girls for so many years. We fell in love and developed our relationship and everything has been very stable," he said.

Adason said that he plans to tie the knot with Ava next year. Although it won't be high-profile, he plans to invite all of his good friends in the industry to come to his wedding.

When asked how did he and Ava maintained their relationship without getting any negative rumours from the tabloids, Adason said that he looked at the examples of his seniors like Lowell Lo and Sean Lau, and how they were able to make their relationship work despite being in showbiz.

(Photo source: On.CC)