Adam Sandler's Twitter account hacked

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler's Twitter account was hacked and filled with a slew of racist and sexist messages on Thursday.

According to editors at The Hollywood Reporter, the tweets first started appearing at 5.34 pm on Thursday, with one reading: "The activity on this account is weak asf (as f**k)."

"I just had phone sex with @MariahCarey," another read. Mariah's Twitter account was also hacked on New Year's Eve.

Many of the tweets included the N-word, and while they were all removed from Adam's page when he regained control of his account, several retweets remain - including one which refers to former U.S. President Barack Obama as a "monkey".

Both Adam and Mariah's Twitter pages featured tweets mentioning the "Chuckling Squad", leading fans to speculate that the group, responsible for hacking Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's account on the social media site back in August, were behind the latest hacks.

The Chuckling Squad have also previously claimed responsibility for hacking several celebrity accounts, including Chloe Grace Moretz's page.

Adam has yet to respond to the security breach. The latest posts to remain on his Twitter account are about his new movie, Uncut Gems.

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