Adam Sandler Sends Jennifer Aniston Flowers Every Mother’s Day After Her IVF Battle

Adam Sandler Sends Jennifer Aniston Flowers Every Mother’s Day After Her IVF Battle

Jennifer Aniston has some good friends by her side. In a new interview, the Friends alum revealed how longtime pal Adam Sandler lets her know she’s loved, especially on her hardest days.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal about Sandler and their time filming 2019’s Murder Mystery together (Aniston’s production company, Echo Films, produced this year’s Murder Mystery 2), Aniston said Sandler and his wife, Jackie, have sent her flowers every Mother’s Day after learning about her fertility struggles.

The actors have been close for decades, having filmed not only the Murder Mystery movies together, but also 2011 rom-com Just Go With It.

Aniston does not have children, and in a 2022 interview with Allure opened up about her attempt to conceive some years ago. “I was trying to get pregnant. It was a challenging road for me, the baby-making road,” she said, explaining that she went through rounds of in vitro fertilization, drank “Chinese teas,” and “threw everything” at solving her infertility. Still, it did not work. “I would’ve given anything if someone had said to me, ‘Freeze your eggs. Do yourself a favor.’ You just don’t think it. So here I am today. The ship has sailed,” she added.

In the interview, the actor also slammed speculation that her marriages—to fellow actors Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux—didn’t work out because she wouldn’t have children.

“I just cared about my career. And God forbid a woman is successful and doesn’t have a child,” she said. “And the reason my husband left me, why we broke up and ended our marriage, was because I wouldn’t give him a kid. It was absolute lies. I don’t have anything to hide at this point.”

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