Adam Pally Talks 'Joshy' Fun, 'Happy Endings' Reunions and MCU Pitches for His 'Iron Man 3' Cameraman

Kevin Polowy
·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

The cancellation of the ABC sitcom Happy Endings — beloved by hard-core fans but not so much by the Nielsens — never slowed down Adam Pally, who rose to fame as the schlubby, lovable Max. Pally quickly rebounded on The Mindy Show, recently landed a lead gig in Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s upcoming pilot Making History, and has appeared in a steady stream of movie projects in between.

The 34-year-old New York native also produced his latest film, the dramatic comedy Joshy. Written and directed by Jeff Baena, the Sundance indie stars Pally, Thomas Middleditch, Nick Kroll, Alex Ross Perry, and Brett Gelman as five bros who carry on with plans for a debauched bachelor party after a tragic event spells the end of the planned nuptials.

Pally joshed around with Yahoo Movies on Thursday for a Facebook Live Q&A, which you can watch above. Some highlights:

—Given the loose vibe and natural interactions of its ensemble (which also includes Jenny Slate, Alison Brie, Jake Johnson, Aubrey Plaza, and Paul Reiser), it’s easy to tell that Joshy was heavily improvised; it recalls a few “mumblecore” films from the Duplass brothers and friends. Still, it was staggering to hear Pally reveal just how little of the movie was scripted in advance: only about 16 pages.

Happy Endings fans were in full force during the chat, and many wanted to know if there would be some kind of reboot, or even a movie. Pally said a film would be most likely, given the schedules of its sextet. He also said the cast members all remain good friends who regularly see each other. He’d even had dinner with costar Casey Wilson the night before.

—Asked why we haven’t seen his character Gary the Cameraman from Iron Man 3 pop up again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pally pointed out that Captain America: Civil War/Avengers: Infinity War directors and current MCU keymasters Joe and Anthony Russo were also executive producers on Happy Endings. So he texts them every once in a while with an idea on how to resurrect Gary… to which they immediately reply, “Hard pass.” So Pally needs your help: Write some fan fiction about Gary, and maybe they won’t have any choice but to reunite him with Tony Stark and crew.

Joshy opens in theaters and on VOD Friday. Watch the trailer: