How Adam Jordan Is Disrupting The Instagram Marketing Industry

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Whether you're a business owner, fitness influencer, or fashion blogger, you understand the value in growing your Instagram following organically. However, today's overly saturated and competitive market makes it increasingly difficult. That's why social media marketing expert Adam Jordan has launched the Ultimate Instagram Blueprint, an affordable guide to help aspiring entrepreneurs scale their Instagram accounts to gain financial freedom.

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Jordan, who has over 140k followers on Instagram, is the founder of social media marketing agency Social Kick. Having spent the past eight years helping everyone from start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations grow their businesses, Jordan is now focusing on helping the average person grow their account without having to pay exorbitant agency fees. Through his Ultimate Instagram Blueprint, Jordan is sharing over eight years of industry insight and expertise on finding a niche, developing content strategies, network, building up brand partnerships, managing adverts, reaching target customers, and so much more.

Jordan founded Social Kick less than five years ago and its success has given him financial freedom. But it's the flexibility he values most, being able to travel to exotic locations like Bali, California, Singapore, and the Philippines. "Being able to wake up when I want without someone telling me I am going to be late, being able to get up and travel the world whenever I want is something I value more than materialistic objects," he says.

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Jordan is passionate about helping others achieve the same financial freedom and work flexibility. "Running my own business has given me everything I ever dreamed of. The freedom to travel the world with little or no liabilities," says Jordan. "I am just a young lad from Liverpool who wants to see the world and have financial freedom. I didn't think I was even capable of doing something like this a few years ago."

One look at his company's reviews page shows just how practical his blueprint is. "Using Adam's strategies for Instagram advertisement and promotions has easily taken my store revenues from under $5000 a month to over $20,000 a month. I can't express how much that has changed my life," wrote e-commerce store owner Martin L. "He's solely responsible for pushing my companies outreach into the millions," added Investment Director Theo M.

While his blueprint has been instrumental in helping businesses thrive, Jordan isn't stopping there. "In 10 years, it would be amazing to fall into an investor's role, investing in companies and individuals I believe can create an amazing business and change the world."

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