Ada Choi Wants Husband Max Zhang To Remarry – For A Very Specific Reason

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Hong Kong actors Ada Choi and Max Zhang are one of the most loved and envied couples in showbiz. They have been married for 13 years now. But the romance between the two is still as lively as when they first met. And their secret is simple: put each other and the kids before themselves.

So much so that Ada Choi, 47, recently revealed that she is open to the idea of Max marrying another woman. Why, you wonder? Well, she has a legitimate reason!

Ada Choi Says She Is Open To Her Husband Remarrying If…

Ada Choi
Ada Choi

Image courtesy: Instagram/ @adachoi9800

…she dies before him.

On a variety show last week, Ada revealed that she’s open to the idea of her husband marrying again – if she dies before him.

According to a report on Today Online, Adai Choi was quoted as saying, “I travel pretty often for work. Every time I take a plane, I tell him, ‘I’m boarding the flight now. Please look after our kids if something happens to me. It’s okay to get married again [if I die] as long as you find someone who treats our children well.”

The couple have three children, Zoe, 10, Chloe, eight, and Le’er, one.

Ada Choi
Ada Choi

Image courtesy: Instagram/ @adachoi9800

Guests Surprised by Ada Choi’s comment

Other guests thought Ada was being too negative and were surprised at her statement. But Ada replied, “But it’s only natural for him to want [another wife] if I die!”

Another guest, Christy Chung said that Ada’s husband Maz might never open his heart to someone else again due to his love for her.

Ada Choi
Ada Choi

Image courtesy: Instagram/ @adachoi9800

But Ada reminded Christy that it is sometimes more important to be pragmatic about some matters.

Her statement didn’t escape the eyes of the netizens either. After the episode was aired, while some felt that Adai Choi was being too negative, most netizens said that the actress was being “sensible enough to put the well-being of her kids first”.

One user added, “It’s a morbid thought but Max might feel too guilty to move on if something had really happened to Ada. Having the assurance from your partner that it’s okay to do so is very important, and is a sign that they have a healthy and loving relationship.”

The lovebirds, first met while filming the TV drama Paradise in 2003, and got married in 2007. Since then, they’ve been very open about love for each other both on TV and on social media. They welcomed their third child in 2019, and had said that they are going to stop at three.

For the mum of three, it is natural to panic and worry about the future of her kids, lest something happens to her. Her concern stem from her love for both her husband and her young kids.

But, here’s wishing lots of happiness and long life to the beautiful actress!

Let us know your take on Ada Choi’s statement. Did you find it morbid or practical?

News source: TodayOnline


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