This £22 acupressure mat has become my morning energy booster

This £22 acupressure mat has become my morning energy booster. (Getty Images)

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If I was ever invited onto Desert Island Discs, I’m not sure which books I’d choose as my ultimate desert island read (sorry, Lauren Laverne) but I do know - without a shadow of a doubt - what item I would take.

Yes, I know that’s not the premise of the much-loved BBC programme but it got me thinking, alright?

And if you’re thinking that my item might be sturdy shoes for clambering around looking for food or a parasol for shade in the middle of the day, you’d be nowhere close.

My must-have item would be my beloved acupressure mat.

What is an acupressure mat, I hear you ask?

Also known as an "acupressure needle stimulation pad" or a "bed of nails," acupressure mats are foam mats with thousands of very sharp, short plastic needles.

I bought it when I cut out caffeine as the reviews (of which there hundreds) claimed that it helped boost energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

And given that an acupressure session can set you back almost £100 - not to mention it being off-limits at the moment - I thought that spending £21.99 to try it seemed worth it.

Acupressure mats can also relieve chronic neck and back pain, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and cure muscle aches (thanks again, Joe Wicks). Plus, they release endorphins so you get off the mat feeling more buoyant and upbeat.

I’ve now had my acupressure mat - mine is the Base Yoga Acupressure version - for several weeks and I am hooked.

The instructions recommended standing on for between 20-40 minutes a day. So I’ve put mine in front of my bathroom sink - that way, I can brush my teeth, do my morning skincare and brush my hair, all while feeling my energy levels stimulated.

Base Yoga Acupressure mat | £21.99 from Amazon

Not only have I noticed a boost in energy, I have also noticed that my muscles recover more quickly after exercise and my anxiety has been greatly reduced (lots of people use the mat to meditate on).

If I feel energy levels dipping at 3pm, I lie down on the mat for 15 minutes. If I feel suddenly stressed or worried about work, I lie down on the mat for 15 minutes. If I feel like I’ll never get up again 30 burpees, I lie down on the mat for 15 minutes (read: 30 minutes) - and I feel much better.

And I’m not the only one who is currently relying on this simple invention.

“Even though I was sceptical this mat has really improved my sleep. I use it every other night and I have felt so relaxed,” wrote one user, while another added:

“I suffered back pain for months and after a few sessions of acupuncture, I decided to have something similar I could use at home whenever I needed to.”

“I use the mat weekly and whenever my back hurts. It works a treat and is now part of my weekly Sunday relaxation regime.”

Now my only problem is wrestling it back off my partner when he gets his hands on it.