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Jennifer Aniston in “Cake,” 2014

The actress trades her shiny hair, glowing skin, and form-fitting clothing, for a frumpy wardrobe with a makeup-free face and dark sense of humor. As someone obsessed with another woman’s suicide, Aniston is not bubbly or flirty or high energy as we’re used to seeing her, but the transformation is minimal.

16 Actresses Who Mask Their Beauty For Movie Roles

Joanna Douglas
Senior Editor

Women in Hollywood often complain about the lack of good roles. Surely accomplished actresses like Meryl Streep have had no trouble landing excellent parts, but in an industry where females are often viewed as counterparts or love interests instead of leads, it can be hard for ladies to play the complex characters they desire. But slap on a wig, a prosthetic nose, a dowdy outfit, or an extra 20 pounds and you’ve got yourself an Oscar nomination. Many actresses now vie for the roles involving physical transformations since they generate buzz and so often lead to accolades and trophies. But is a movie makeunder as difficult or significant as getting mentally into character and giving a great performance? Or perhaps it takes these women not looking like total knockouts to let you focus on their acting chops. Let’s take a look at the women who have received attention for their less attractive roles.