Actors Whose Previous Role You Can’t Forget


Ji Sung - Kill Me Heal Me

Who else would top the list but the very man who conquered all of his 7 personalities? From the charismatic Shin Se Gi to the overly hysterical Park Seo Joon fangirl, Yona (oppa!) - Ji Sung has managed to pull them off perfectly. And who could possibly forget the impromptu rap between him and Hwang Jung Eum about putting on the necktie? We say Ji Sung totally deserved that Grand Prize!

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Jang Geun Suk - He’s Beautiful

Can you ever forget the attractive lead singer of ANJELL, who was strongly against Mi Nam (by Park Shin Hye) joining the band, but later fell head over heels for her? But Tae Kyung’s (by Jang Geun Suk) little antics to protect her identity against the outside world were so squee-worthy, especially his classic line - “I told you not to be where I can’t see you!”. The adorable pig-rabbit stuffed toy was also the trend for a while!

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Hyeri - Reply 1988

It will take a while before we can actually forget about Hyeri’s acting skills in her latest breakthrough drama. From her whining to her crying to her adorably innocent scenes against main leads Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Bo Gum, Hyeri has proven herself to be one of the rising idol actors in the industry. The most memorable scene was when she cried over her fictional grandmother’s passing. She revealed later on Happy Together that her actual grandmother had passed away the day before filming. We applaud your professionalism, Hyeri!

Catch Hyeri in her new drama, Entertainer


Lee Jin Wook - The Time We Were Not in Love

Romance usually starts with people near you, what more in the house next to you? A remake of the 2011 award winning Taiwanese drama, Lee Jin Wook plays Choi Won, the best friend of Oh Ha Na (by Ha Ji Won) - who make it a point to clarify that they’re mere friends. The most memorable scene goes to the time when Ha Na’s fiance stands her up at the altar, and Choi Won drives her home, comforts her and sends her to her door. Although geeky looking, Lee Jin Wook still has his moves!

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Yeo Jin Goo & Kim So Hyun - Missing You

It was a first when we didn’t want the drama to progress to the adult actors, because the kids were just so good! From the banter to their little secret moments by the wall, Jung Woo (by Yeo Jin Goo) and Soo Yeon (by Kim So Hyun) were the perfect little couple. The best scene was in the bus where the sleeping Soo Yeon tilts forward and accidentally presses her lips to Jung Woo’s - ingenious idea for a first kiss!

Catch Yeo Jin Goo in The Royal Gambler, and Kim So Hyun in Page Turner