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Michael K. Williams – ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ (Ron Howard, 2018)

The Boardwalk Empire star fell victim to the production woes of the Star Wars spin-off when he was unable to return for extensive reshoots. The film was restructured after the original directors were fired, but Williams’ schedule on another project prevented him from coming back, and so his character was replaced by Paul Bettany.

Actors who were cut from their own movies

Jessica Chastain, arguably one of the biggest movie stars of the past 5 years, has been completely cut from her next film. Director Xavier Dolan announced the move to excise the Molly’s Game star from The Life & Death of John F. Donovavia Instagram to kill any rumours of a disagreement or falling out.

She’s not the only big star who found their work on the cutting room floor. We just hope they were paid up front like Chastain was.

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