Actor Joel Choo leaves Mediacorp's Celebrity Agency to manage career himself

Singaporean actor Joel Choo Zhe Wei. (Photo: Joel Choo/Instagram)
Singaporean actor Joel Choo Zhe Wei. (Photo: Joel Choo/Instagram)

SINGAPORE — Actor Joel Choo has left Mediacorp's management under The Celebrity Agency, after four years with the broadcaster.

The 26-year-old, who is the son of veteran actor Zhu Hou Ren, said he would continue to pursue acting and music "for a long time to come" and would be handling work enquiries directly in the future.

In an announcement posted on his Instagram yesterday, Choo said:

So this post marks my farewell with The Celebrity Agency. Thank you guys so much for taking a chance in me, nurturing me and growing me as an artiste.

And to my managers and boss
Thank you all so much for the care and guidance over the years!❤❤❤

I've got a new journey ahead of me but acting and music will definitely be something I will continue to pursue for a long time to come.

For future work enquiries, please feel free to directly email me (in my bio) I look forward to many more milestones with the brands and partners who have supported me along the way!

Choo announced his departure from Mediacorp just two weeks after the recent Star Awards. He debuted in the 2017 English-language drama Faculty and has starred in Mandarin dramas such as Jalan Jalan (2018) and C.L.I.F. 5 (2019).

His latest drama is the upcoming Channel 8 series Key Witness, which is currently in production and expected to air later this year.

Besides acting, Choo is also a member of indie rock band Maxime.

Choo's father, Zhu, posted his well wishes for his son on Instagram as well, expressing that Choo must have thought long and hard about his decision. Writing in Chinese and quoting from recent Channel 8 drama My Star Bride, the older actor said, "Children growing up is like flying a kite; as they look back, we seem smaller and smaller. We might be able to accompany them for a while, but those who will be with them for life are their friends and their spouse. As parents, we have to learn to let go... Dad wants to be a sensible old person."

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