Late actor Danny Chan's father passes away

16 Apr – Chan Paang Fei, father of the late singer Danny Chan, has recently passed away, 16 years after the death of his own son.

As reported on Mingpao, the news was confirmed by the Chan's family rep, saying that the elder Chan passed away peacefully after complaining about getting dizzy during breakfast.

"At 95, he enjoyed a good life. Mr. Chan is now reunited with his son," the rep added.

Former actress and Danny's good friend Mary Jean Reimer admitted that she is saddened by his passing.

"He was such a loving father. He was very personable, very much like Danny. Everybody would greet him at every event he went. He was a handsome man, and every time I look at him, it was like seeing Danny's reflection," she said.

While Chan himself was not a part of the Hong Kong showbiz, he is well-known among fans of the singer, as he would often attend Danny's anniversary and memorial events.

Chan's son, singer-actor Danny Chan passed away in 1993 at the peak of his career. He was in a coma for 17 months after being diagnosed with advanced brain damage prior to his death at the age of 35.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)