Act+Acre Just Launched a Detangling Brush That Conquers Every Knot in My Hair

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The prototype got 29 million views on TikTok.

<p>Real Simple / Daisy Rodriguez</p>

Real Simple / Daisy Rodriguez

Before the launch of this detangling brush, I’d pretty much given up on brushing my hair. Especially during the summer—humidity, ocean water, and travel wreak havoc on my strands—so I just throw my hair up in a ponytail and hope the knot at the base of my neck doesn’t give me another headache while I sleep. My mane is notoriously tangled, and it can never seem to decide whether it wants to be curly or straight, settling on a tempestuous wavy texture that rejects brushes and combs. Until the brand sent me their new Act+Acre Detangling Brush and Act+Acre Detangling Comb to try, developed by a trichologist (hair and scalp specialist) to reduce damage and prevent breakage.

You may recognize Act+Acre from its famous cold-pressed serum, which regularly sells out and racks up a waitlist of over 18,000 shoppers. Act+Acre diverges from other hair care brands in that it seeks to address your strands’ woes at their root: Your scalp. Considering I practically destroy my own scalp every time I “detangle,” it makes immediate sense to me that this brand would be the one captivating consumers with a hair tool capable of soothing it.



To buy: $34;

The prototype of the Detangling Hair Brush received over 29 million views across TikTok and Instagram for directing blood flow to the scalp and gently unweaving knots and tangles. The double-length nylon bristles work on both wet and dry hair, a relief for me as someone who generally can only brush my hair wet. Founder Helen Reavey, a USTI-certified trichologist, recommends brushing through hair pre-shower to loosen up buildup, then use the brush again post-shower to detangle and distribute natural oils from the scalp.



To buy: $32;

The new Detangling Hair Comb, meanwhile, has wide teeth to reduce breakage, friction damage, and frizz with an innovative shorter first tooth to make parting the hair easier for styling. While I personally rarely used a comb before, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how often I reach for this hair tool—and how beautiful its gray and white flecked design looks on my bathroom counter, especially with the coordinating felt carry case.

Together, the two items have helped control my wavy strands, which is a relief in the summer when I typically give up on daily maintenance. I normally just accept I’ll have to cut it or spend an hour in tears yanking at my scalp come August.

Per a suggestion from the brand, I use the brush pre-shower and post-shower on wet hair, with the comb coming in with me to use with my conditioner. Since my hair is often fried from the sun and sea, using these tools in conjunction with Act+Acre’s cold-processed leave-in conditioner leaves my strands soft and happy. I’ve been genuinely shocked by how much easier it is to take care of my hair with this combination. While I haven’t experimented too much with using the comb and conditioner for styling into sleek updos, I’m looking forward to the attempt. Fundamentally, my mane feels stronger, smoother, and more manageable in a way I hadn’t expected.

Act now to snag the Act+Acre Detangling Hair Brush and Act+Acre Detangling Hair Comb—so you don’t have to deal with any more snags yourself.

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