ACS (Junior) Student Becomes First Case Of School-based COVID-19 Transmission In Singapore

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Another student from Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) (Junior) tests positive for Covid-19. This makes him the first school-based Covid-19 transmission in Singapore.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) made the announcement on Friday (21 May) with other community cases including a one-year-old toddler and an 11-year-old student.

Singapore Cases Today: First School-Based Covid-19 Transmission

covid variant in singapore
covid variant in singapore

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According to a statement from the Ministry of Education (MOE), the ACS (Junior) student is an 11-year-old boy. He is a classmate of another patient who tested positive last Wednesday.

After his classmate tested positive for Covid-19, the boy was quarantined on Thursday. On the same day, he developed a fever, cough and runny nose. The 11-year-old was then tested after reporting his symptoms.

MOH says the boy got his test results on Friday and they came back positive. On the other hand, his serology test results remain pending. This serology test is to detect whether a person might have already been infected in the past.

Other classmates of the two cases have also been placed under quarantine or on leave of absence. This is because they were in close contact with the first student who tested positive for the virus.

A Student From Bukit View Primary School And A Toddler Also Test Positive For Covid-19

singapore cases today
singapore cases today

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Another 11-year-old boy who is a Myanmar national and a student at Bukit View Primary School was reported as a community case on Friday (21 May). He has not gone to school since 14 May.

It was also reported that he is a family member and household contact of two previous cases. This includes a housewife and another student at Yuan Ching Secondary School.

He developed a fever, sore throat, cough and loss of smell last Monday. He went seeking treatment at a general practitioner’s (GP) clinic and was given five days of medical leave.

The boy was placed under quarantine on Wednesday of that week due to his connection with the other two cases. On the same day, he was tested for Covid-19 and his results came back positive. His serology test result is still pending.

A one-year-old toddler who attends the Skool4kidz Centre also tested positive for Covid-19. He has been reported to be a close contact of a previous adult case who works at AbbVie Operations Singapore who was confirmed to be infected on Sunday.

The toddler was placed in quarantine the same day. He was eventually tested on Tuesday and his test results came back negative the next day. But when he was tested the second time on Wednesday, his results came back positive on Thursday.

MOH says the toddler is asymptomatic and his serology test result was negative.

MOE Reminds Public To Stay Safe Amid The Rise Of Singapore Cases Today

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With the cases from ASC (Junior), MOE says these are “a clear reminder to all of us and our stakeholders, especially our parents, that we need to work together to keep our schools safe.”

They also urge all parents to comply with its screening policy of keeping children at home. The ministry also reminds parents to inform their school immediately if ever any household member develops symptoms of Covid-19.

“This is important to keep our students in school safe. Students should seek medical attention immediately if they feel unwell, continue practising good personal hygiene and adhere to safe management measures,” adds MOE.

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