Acer officially debuts household lifestyle arm 'acerpure'

Bringing the fight to the already crowded market.

A composite picture of an Acer logo and its newest vacuum cleaner line.
Acer's new venture, acerpure, focuses on lifestyle products such as air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. (Photo: Getty Images/Acer)

IT and computer peripheral maker Acer is officially dipping its toes into the lifestyle market, with sub-brand acerpure offering products in the household appliances space.

First conceived during the COVID-19 period, acerpure's original mission was to provide clean air with its air purifiers, but has since expanded to other household appliances.

Bringing the fight to companies like Xiaomi and Dyson, both of which also offer the same range of products for general consumers, acerpure currently has five products in their lineup, which includes air circulators and vacuum cleaners.

  • acerpure clean V1

A conventional cyclone-action vacuum cleaner that can be used with different suction heads. The clean V1 has three different speeds: Eco, Standard and Turbo, and can last up to 60 minutes of use on Eco mode. It also boasts a suction power of 23,000Pa. Retail price is S$368.

A composite picture of the acerpure clean V1 with a short nozzle and a person using it with the extended nozzle.
Acerpure clean V1 is cordless vacuum cleaner that comes with cyclonic suction technology. (Photo: Acer)
  • acerpure clean V1 Lite

A slim vacuum cleaner with portability in mind, the clean V1 Lite can also be extended to clean hard-to-reach places such as car interiors. Weighing in at 550 grams, you are also able to charge the V1 lite using a USB-C cable, making it a truly portable device. Retail price is S$149.

A photo of a woman using the acerpure clean V1 lite in its multiple forms
The acerpure clean V1 lite is a compact lightweight vacuum cleaner with portability in mind. (Photo: Acer)
  • acerpure cool C2

The acerpure cool C2 is an air purifier and circulator hybrid, moving the air in the room while keeping it fresh. It can be controlled via an app or its remote control. This retails at S$498.

A picture showcasing the acerpure cool C2 hybrid purifier and air circulator in a living room.
The acerpure cool C2 is a 2-in-1 air purifier and air circulator that cleans the air and ventilates it around the room. (Photo: Acer)
  • acerpure pro P2

Similar to the previous cool C2, the pro P2 is just the same unit without the function of the air circulator. This retails for S$398.

A picture of the acerpure pro P2 air purifier in a room beside a drawer.
The acerpure pro P2 is a standalone air purifier that is similar to the C2, without the air circulator. (Photo: Acer)
  • acerpure cozy F1

Last but not least, the cozy F1 is a standalone air circulator. It is similar to the cool C2's air circulator, but with added speed and functionality. This is retailing at S$158.

A picture of the acerpure cozy F1 air circulator in a living room.
The acerpure cozy F1 is an air circulator that has 12 different speed settings. (Photo: Acer)

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