Abby Nadzri hopes "Busut Bonang" will give her more acting opportunities

Nisa Irina
Abby Nadzri is ready to accept more roles after starring in "Busut Bonang".

18 Dec – Since she seldom appears on the small screens these past few years, actress Abby Nadzri has recently admitted that she has been receiving much fewer acting offers after deciding to wear a hijab or headscarf.

However, after starring in the horror-comedy film "Busut Bonang" directed by her younger brother, Khalid Nadzri, Abby has high hopes that this will mark her return to acting.

"Actually, I've been involved in the acting industry since 2007, when I hosted the programme "Salam Bollywood". Then I started wearing a hijab in 2013 and noticed that offers started dwindling.

"Before this, I also acted in dramas like Kabir Bhatia's "Manjalara" and "Wasiat", as well as co-starring in Ahmad Idham's film "Tembus".

"Busut Bonang" will be the first movie where I play a main character - usually I only play minor roles or make cameos.

"By making a comeback to the acting world alongside my brother, I hope that more people will learn of me and if any new roles are offered to me, I will accept them," she said at the press conference during the gala premiere of "Busut Bonang" at mmCineplexes eCurve, Damansara, last week.

Abby adds that her husband, music producer Rio Rasul, has never stopped her from acting since they both work in creative fields.

Next, Abby will be starring in a new television-film directed by Khalid Nadzri and an RTM-produced drama series in 2020.