Aaron Kwok shares a worn look from filming, wife comments within seconds

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Aaron Kwok shares a worn look from filming, wife comments within seconds

Aaron Kwok, who is currently filming his latest movie, The White Storm 3, shared a recent photo of himself on 21 July, looking haggard and tired.

The 55-year-old, who is in Yunnan province in China filming his latest film, captioned the photo with “getting into character, the cup is hot.”

Within seconds of posting his photo, his wife Moka Fang commented, “Hahaha, you got tanned.” The sweet exchanged received attention from netizens, along with comments such as “Wife is here, she is worried for her husband!” and “Teach Kwok how to take care of his skin!”. The actor replied to his wife’s comment with a smiley face.

Kwok looked visibly thinner since his last update on set, causing some of his fans to be worried.

The White Storm 3, an upcoming Hong Kong action film, is directed by Herman Yau and will be starring Kwok and veteran Hong Kong actors Louis Koo and Sean Lau. The film is a sequel to the 2019 film, The White Storm 2: Drug Lords. Production was originally supposed to begin in July 2020 but was delayed by COVID-19 and only begun in June 2021.

Earlier the month, Kwok’s wife had also posted a vlog of her and their daughters going to China, supposedly to reunite with Kwok, who had been away from home for the movie.

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