Aaron Kwok won't stop at two children

12 Feb – With wife Moka Fang soon to give birth to their second child this year, Aaron Kwok recently revealed that he has no plans to just stop at two.

As reported on Mingpao, the Cantopop King, who spoke the media at a Lunar New Year event in Tsim Sha Tsui recently, shared that both he and his wife are in favour of having more children in the future.

"My wife was a single child and she was lonely during childhood. So she wants more kids too. I hope that my daughter will have siblings to play with her," he said.

As for Aaron, the singer stated that he has four brothers and sisters and are used to a house full of people.

"After becoming a dad myself, I realised the pressures of being a parent. I think my parents are very great for being able to have five children. I'm okay with three or four kids. It will depend on my wife too. I will respect her decision," he said.

(Photo Source: Aaron Kwok Instagram)