Aaron Kwok wants to do comedy

17 Dec – Aaron Kwok admitted that he has always loved comedy movies but was rarely offered to work on the genre by filmmakers.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was invited to speak at a forum held by the Hong Kong Film Critics Association recently, shared, "I am not sure if I give a comedic sense, but I really like [the genre]. But in recent years, directors and investors love to look for me to play more complex and in-depth roles. Most of them dramatic films."

At the same time, Aaron confessed that playing a complex character gave him more challenge and a broader room for interpretation.

"14 years ago, when director Patrick Tam asked me to do "After This Our Exile", I have never played a father before. He taught me how to play difficult characters to challenge my acting. I still keep this advice to heart," he said.

Nonetheless, the actor is still hopeful that he will get to do comedy in the future.

"This all depends on fate," he added.

(Photo source: Aaron Kwok Instagram)