Aaron Kwok held Buddhist wake for late mother

6 Mar – A Buddhist wake has been held for Aaron Kwok's mother, Coek Seon, who passed away last month at the age of 90.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor was spotted entering the funeral home holding his mother's memorial tablet, and was followed by wife Moka Fang and their two daughters. All of them donned face masks to ensure safety.

Although Aaron did not speak to the media, his manager Siu Mei assured that the actor is doing fine.

"He would like to focus on his mother's funeral first. She liked simplicity and elegance during her life, so the halls are mainly decorated in white. The funeral will also be a Buddhist ceremony," she said.

Asked if Mother Kwok has any last wish, Siu Mei stated that she wouldn't dare answer, but knew that Aaron's mother was comforted by the knowledge that her son has his own family now.

"I believe that she had a complete life," she added.

As to how Aaron found out about his mother's passing, Siu Mei stated that they were in New York at the time for the singer's concert.

"He didn't cry in front of me. But his eyes were red. I asked if he would like to cancel the show. After deliberating for a while, he accepted the fact and decided to be a professional and continued with it," she said, adding that they were fortunate that Aaron's sister was there to help manage with matters back home.

Siu Mei also revealed that due to the recent epidemic, Aaron will be taking a break from work and make some adjustments.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)