Aaron Kwok gets emotional recording theme for "I'm Livin' It"

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

11 Sep – Although he successfully ditched his character in "I'm Livin' It" after being deeply affected by it, Aaron Kwok admitted that recording the theme song for the movie had opened up the gates and reminded him of the emotional turmoil that his character underwent throughout the movie.

As reported on Mingpao, the Cantopop King who recently launched the theme song of the said movie, "Gray Stardust" at an event attended by co-star Miriam Yeung, stated that he fell in character while singing the song and "spiritually" suffered yet again.

"I wasn't able to stop the tears as I was singing. I would choke up and the tears would be streaming down my cheeks. I wasn't even able to sing properly. I didn't get to cry when I was filming the movie as the role required me not to shed a single tear, and it was very hard," he said.

Aaron also hopes that the public will be able to hear the struggles that his character had gone through via the song, and to enjoy his performance at the same time.

In his previous interview about his role in the movie, Aaron admitted that the character was very challenging both physically and spiritually that at one point he even thought he was suffering from a serious illness because of how deep he was in character.

On the other hand, the singer also sang praises for his manager Siu Mei, who wrote the lyrics to the song, saying that she was able to give a good representation of the spirit of the film through the song.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)