Aaron Kwok congratulates Lynn Hung for pregnancy

9 Nov – Aaron Kwok recently congratulated ex-girlfriend Lynn Hung for her pregnancy.

As reported on Mingpao, Aaron who appeared at a press conference of his new movie, "Peace Breaker" recently, was asked about his thoughts on Lynn's pregnancy, which came a couple of months after the birth of his own daughter, Chant.

"I have been busy filming, so I didn't pay any attention to entertainment news," said Aaron.

Nonetheless, the actor stated that whether it's someone from showbiz or in his circle of friends or not, he will give them his well-wishes if something good is coming their way.

On the other hand, Aaron shared that after playing a lot of heroic roles in the past, it was a great experience playing a corrupted cop in his new aforementioned movie, which is a Chinese remake of the Korean film, "A Hard Day".

The movie, which also stars Wang Qianyuan, tells a story about a corrupt detective who finds himself digging deeper into the ground while trying to hide his crime.

(Photo Source: Aaron Kwok Instagram)