A YouTube Chef Makes the M&M-Covered Spaghetti Breakfast From 'Elf'

Gwynne Watkins
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s a breakfast that only an elf could love: leftover spaghetti topped with a sugar-coma-inducing combo of Pop-Tarts, candy, and sundae syrups. Nevertheless, in honor of the holidays, an internet chef decided to give Will Ferrell’s nauseating meal from 2003’s Elf a shot. In this episode of the web series Binging with Babish, Oliver Babish (the probably-West Wing-inspired alias of director Andrew Rea) cooks a delectable pasta dish, then covers it in dessert toppings, Buddy the Elf-style. The chef notes that the finished product is “oddly beautiful in a David Lynch movie kind of way,” but also “far and away the most disgusting thing” he’s ever made. You may not want to try this one at home, but the video is lots of fun. Grab a cup of the world’s best coffee and dig in.

Most of Rea’s Binging with Babish episodes have tastier results than the Elf dish. For more movie-inspired meals, check out his Goodfellas prison sauce, the Philly cheesesteak from Creed, and most impressive of all, the towering Italian pasta dish Timpano from Big Night.