A full blue Flower moon is coming and other top lifestyle news to know

Flower blue moon. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

By: Jade Yong

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A full blue Flower Moon is coming

If you only look up into the sky at night to savour its beauty only “once in a blue moon” then you should do exactly that this coming Saturday, the 18th of May. Because on that very night, that’s exactly what you’ll see - a blue moon. A blue “Flower Moon” to be precise.

The biggest skincare mistake

Clue: It’s not skipping the sunscreen! We get inundated with skincare products and anti-aging tips, from the moment we pick up a magazine, to walking down the shopping aisles. But one of the biggest, most damaging mistakes that we could possibly make is something that we all take for granted….

Limited Edition Disney mouse ears launched

Mouse ears are a must for every Disneyland visitor. True to creative form, Disney shakes up the experience a tad by launching a limited edition collection of mouse ears, designed by fashion icons, celebrities and artists, such as the legendary Vera Wang, runway icon Heidi Klum, Betsey Johnson, The Blonds and more.

“Stupid Man, Smart Phone” premieres on Channel 5

Over-the-top Singaporean funnyman Hirzi Zulkifli hosts the show “Stupid Man, Smart Phone” where he and a celebrity guest are put in a difficult, nature-fuelled challenge. The pair then has to survive and find their way out, using only their sense of humour, and armed with a smart phone.

Chrissy Teigen’s naked selfie draws controversy

Social media queen Chrissy Teigen is in the celebrity headlines again after she posted a naked selfie while wearing only a towel on her head. This is not the first time she’s attracted criticism for baring too much, although she has always remained cool and poised, hitting back at her haters in the past.