'A Bigger Splash' Clip: Dakota Johnson Asks, 'Do You Want Some?'

The new indie drama A Bigger Splash is set on a remote, sun-drenched Mediterranean island. But the cast might even be more gorgeous than the location. Tilda Swinton and Matthias Schoenarts play Marianne and Paul, a internationally-worshiped rock star and her younger filmmaker boyfriend. The two are on a sojourn while she’s recovering from a throat ailment, only to find their Italian idyll interrupted by her Falstaffian former lover Harry (Ralph Fiennes) and his recently-discovered, very alluring daughter Penelope (Dakota Johnson).

While Harry and Marianne grapple with the remnants of their old flame, Paul and Penelope deal with some sparks of their own, as evidenced in this clip which has her telling him about her artistic ambitions — all while perched on a spectacular ocean overlook — and him giving some hard-nosed advice. In return, she offers him a cigarette, which he refuses. But for how long?

Loosely based on the 1969 French erotic thriller La Piscine, A Bigger Splash is directed by Swinton’s I Am Love director Luca Guadagnino. It’s hitting select theaters starting May 4.