9XM Song Secret Podcast: Episode 64 With The Multi-Talented Yunan

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Episode 64 of 9XM Song Secret Podcast is out! On this episode of 9XM Song Secret, we have multi-talented Yunan, who shares the secrets behind his independent songs. He is just not a singer but a lyricist and dancer too. Yunan shared the story behind his independent songs like ‘Netflix And Chill’ ‘Love’ ‘Slay’.

In the podcast, Yunan spoke about Raftaar and how he is like an elder brother to him. Yunan opened up about the time when he participated in a dance reality show with Raftaar and shared how the latter always told him “kuch aur karna hai”. Raftaar is Yunan’s teacher. In the episode, Yunan shared that Raftaar had given him the idea to create his first song was ‘Netflix And Chill’. Yunan also shared the story behind his latest track ‘Slay’ which has a very Latin vibe.

So do check out the episode of 9XM Song Secret hosted by Shefaali Juneja.

Whilst you can watch the show on TV, you can also listen to the entire podcast on the EP Log Media website, and across all leading audio streaming platforms as well!

Image source: Team 9XM

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