90s pop groups 911, 5ive and S Club on secrets, regrets and feelings of reuniting

911, 5ive and S Club on secrets, regrets and feelings of reuniting

Disbandments hardly ever spell the end of music groups, as these 90s pop groups – 911, S Club and 5ive – have proven.

The three UK groups will be performing their well-known hits at a combined concert at The Star Theatre on 10 March at 8pm. Ahead of these hitmakers’ concert in Singapore on 8 March, Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore caught up with the chart-toppers for a short e-mail interview.

5ive’s Scott, 911’s Jimmy and S Club’s Tina shared their thoughts of reuniting, what they look forward to in Singapore, secrets that people don’t know about them, and songs that they love and hate. Read on to find out what they had to say.

How does it feel to be returning to tour internationally after all these years?

5ive’s Scott: We are having a great time and enjoying every minute of our revival.

S Club’s Tina: I feel so blessed to be doing international shows with the newly formed S Club 3. S Club 7 songs are still loved so we do feel extremely lucky to be part of it all.

911’s Jimmy: We are very grateful and blessed to be touring again and hope to do it on a bigger scale in the future.

What is one secret about the group that the public doesn’t really know about yet?

5ive: Scott has got a six pack but has been it hiding for years. LOL.

S Club: The members of S Club 7 were meant to be from all different parts of the world, but it changed at the last minute to become a UK-based band.

911: We are all really 6 feet tall.

S Club (L-R: Tina, Jo, Bradley) (Photo: Mode Entertainment)

Name one of your songs which you absolutely love, and one song which you hope you never have to hear again.

5ive: We love “Keep On Movin’”, but don’t particularly like “Don’t Want To Let You Go”.

S Club: “Bring It All Back”, because it’s so fun and upbeat, and it helped my best friend pass her “A” Levels at the time. My least favourite is “You”.

911: My favourite is “Day We Find Love”, but I’m not so keen on “How Do You Want Me to Love You”.

Which songs of yours would you recommend to a newcomer to your music, and why?

5ive: “Everybody Get Up” will show them what we are really all about.

S Club: “Reach”, because you can’t help but smile when you hear it. It ha walso become such an anthem that children sing it in school today as part of their class, which is crazy to me.

911: I would say “Bodyshakin’” as a floor filler, and “I Do” as a wedding song.

911 (L-R: Jimmy, Lee, Spike) (Photo: Mode Entertainment)

If you had the chance to do something differently in your career, what would that have been?

5ive: The only thing we would have done differently is probably take a break for a year or two instead of breaking up completely, as it’s definitely harder to recover from a break up.

S Club: Wish I had taken more time to absorb it all.

911: I don’t believe in changing anything. But we might have done things slightly differently, like not listen to management on some occasions.

What are you looking forward to during your visit in Singapore?

S Club: Meeting the fans and seeing more of Singapore this time around.

911: I’m looking forward to taking in the culture and the surroundings that we never got to in the 90s.

5ive (L-R: Sean, Ritchie, Scott) (Photo: Mode Entertainment)

The “I Love 90s” concert featuring 5ive, 911 and S Club will be held at The Star Theatre on 10 March 2018 at 8pm. Tickets can be purchased from SISTIC.

More concerts in Singapore here: https://sg.style.yahoo.com/upcoming-concerts-singapore-2017-065900758.html

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