9-Year-Old Girl Gets A Frozen-Themed Prosthetic Hand

In a story that’ll melt the coldest of hearts, a young girl has been given a prosthetic armed designed around her favourite movie, Disney’s ‘Frozen’.

Entertainment Weekly have reported on the touching story that has seen 9-year-old Karissa Mitchell, a girl who was born without her right hand and part of her wrist.

Students at Siena College in New York designed and built the prosthetic limb as part of the Siena e-NABLE group. They spent dozens and dozens of hours working on it and were able to present it to Karissa once it was 3D printed and fully assembled.

It was actually the girl’s mum, Maria, that appealed to the organisation after seeing how a 5-year-old was given an ‘Iron Man’-themed prosthetic hand no so long ago. 

The team successfully managed to design this ‘Frozen’-themed arm and hand, from the iciness of its colour, to the snowflake pattern, to the removable Olaf light that’s built onto it, it’s the perfect present for the child. 

Mother Maria was naturally thrilled by the gift, saying that the subtext in the film has helped her daughter deal with her disability: “Karissa really identifies with Elsa because she knows what it’s like to be different from everyone else,” she said. “She doesn’t want to be seen as different, which has made her extremely determined to do things as well, if not better, than others.”

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is pretty amazing, and it’s an eye-opening experience to see how movies can have such a significant impact on people’s lives and in individual journeys to overcome disability.

While Frozenmania has, for now at least, suppressed, it will be back in full swing when ‘Frozen 2′ eventually hits cinemas in a couple of years time.

Check out the video below to see how Karissa’s new arm works.

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Picture credit: Disney, Siena College