9 Most Common Relationship Problems Researchers Have Identified

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Happy endings are normal in fairytales, but no one ever questions what happens after the hero and the princess get married. In reality, you can bet even the most romantic love stories encounter common relationship problems along the way.

Being in a relationship, especially long-term, is no easy feat. New research from the journal ‘Evolutionary Psychology’ has found that intimacy between two people can be difficult to maintain in the long run. According to Menelaos Apostolou and his team of scientists, there are common problems that most couples face and are often the cause of conflict within the relationship.

Relationship Problems That Are Common Among Couples

common relationship problems
common relationship problems

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In their recent study, they surveyed what complications couples go through and what difficulties they face to keep intimacy in the relationship. The results showed 9 common problems found in relationships.

  • Lack of effort

Losing interest in the relationship may be clear when one or both parties start to become distant. When your partner no longer makes enough effort to keep the relationship going, this could take a big hit for the two. A relationship is a two-way street, but if the other side blocks itself up, this could lead to things ending.

  • Fading enthusiasm

There can be instances where it can be tiring to maintain intimacy between the two of you. Suddenly you find yourself losing enthusiasm and energy to keep the relationship going. Without enthusiasm, romantic feelings could naturally fade away and drift the couple apart.

  • Long work hours

For people who commit themselves more to their careers than the relationship, your partner may start to feel left out. Working many hours, including the amount of time you commute can limit the time you spend with your significant other.

  • Lack of personal space and time

While quality time is important for couples to share, being with one person constantly for every moment of every day can be suffocating. Many people require personal space to give themselves a moment to breathe so once their significant other starts getting clingy and controlling, they may find it difficult to stay in the relationship.

  • Character issues and insecurity

Many have found it difficult to maintain long-term relationship to certain characteristics they have that might be unattractive to others such as being quirky, selfish and insecure. Constant ranting and complaining are also factors that can push your partner away.

  • Clinginess

Being completely dependent on your partner and always trying to control them may cause conflict within your relationship. Clinginess can lead to jealousy and expecting way too much from your partner, which could cause a damp in maintaining your relationship.

  • Not monogamous

Being monogamous, or having only one significant other, is important to remain faithful to your spouse. But that fades away when you start getting attracted to different people and even compare others to your current partner. Being unable to resist temptations and getting bored with your partner will surely not help in keeping intimacy in your relationship.

  • Social circle issues

Even if you do enjoy your partner’s company, it could strain your relationship if your friends and family dislike them and vice versa. Staying together while everyone around you seems to be against it could cause difficulties between the two of you. It may also be hard to stay with your significant other if you find you don’t share similar interests.

  • Bad sex

Sex is important for intimacy between you and your partner. But when you start having disagreements on how often you should have sex and lose sexual chemistry, this can cause difficulty in maintaining your relationship.

Tips In Maintaining Long-term Relationships

common relationship problems
common relationship problems

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Don’t lose hope yet on your partner for there is always a way to work your way through the relationship. You may be able to bring back the excitement and reignite the flame of your relationship with these simple tips.

  • Be cheesy

Bring out the romantic side of you and send your partner cheesy messages or heartfelt letters to keep maintain affection and intimacy between you two.

  • Use nostalgia

Take your partner back to the good ole’ days when you first started going out to remind you both what made you love being together.

  • Do something out of the ordinary

Be spontaneous! Surprise your significant other a new dish you learned or re-decorate the bedroom. Changes and new things can bring back the excitement and passion in your relationship.

  • Get away

You don’t have to plan a big extravagant vacation for a getaway with your significant other. Even just a simple date or a special picnic could help in giving you both some good quality time together now and then.

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