87-year-old Brit to repeat historic 1955 Overland journey between London and Singapore

Teng Yong Ping
Lifestyle Editor
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    Joo Mong
    Fantastic. Its not easy or simple to restore such old vehicle, and roadworthy for that sort of trip. Likewise for the participants.
  • s
    What an adventure! All the best!
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    May God protect all of them throughout the long journey!
  • P
    of course the journey will be reverse. asia and africas turn to colonize western europe. London is colonize by south asians, paris is colonize by north africans. amsterdam is colonize by all colors.
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    Just a tip from history, Mr. Chiam See Tong n his wife also drive from London to Singapore in his existing car.
  • j
    This is news ?
  • A
    not a good idea at all. back then no isis, no terrorist attact etc... armour up your boneshsker please...