8 tips on how to make your home baby-ready!


You are about to embark on one of the most important journeys of your life—raising a child to be happy, healthy and strong.

Because your baby will spend the majority of his or her life inside your home, here are 8 tips to help you make sure it’s baby-safe.

1. “Sterilize” your home. Do a general cleaning at least 1 month before the due date. Retouch these areas by airing out the rooms and wiping off dust from surfaces. Harsh cleaning solutions, germicidal sprays and insect repellant are NOT necessary. These may leave fumes that can be more harmful.

2. Warn housemates against smoking inside the house, in the car or any place the baby may spend time in.

3. Keep pets away from the baby’s sleeping area.

4. Install or repair screens of all doors and windows.

5. Beg, borrow or buy the necessary equipment before the delivery – crib, carrier, stroller, car seat, rocking chair, baby monitor, breast pump.

6. Make a list of items you need and send it out to all your friends and relatives. They may choose to give it as a gift or lend it to you for awhile.

7. Baby-proofing will not be necessary until baby starts to crawl which is around 8 months. But its always good to start early.

8. Stock up on these basic necessities:

·         Diapers. Don’t overstock on newborn-size diapers; babies grow rapidly on the first month.

·         Baby wipes

·         Clothing. Onesies, sleepers (chose gender-safe colors like white, yellow, powder blue, mint green)

·         Blankets

·         Feeding bottles. Unwrap, sterilize, store in sealed container

·         Thermometer

·         Baby’s toiletries. Gentle soap, lotion.

·         Powder, diaper rash ointment

·         Baby music and lullabies


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Dr. Diana Sarmiento is a mother of three, part-time doctor, and a full-time wife and mother. The topics closest to her heart are women’s health, parenting, and any new information that she can get her hands on. Read more on her personal blog, Filipina M.D.

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