12 Things You Didn't Know About Bre Tiesi From 'Selling Sunset'

selling sunset bre tiesi in season 6 of selling sunset cr courtesy of netflix
Who Is 'Selling Sunset's Bre Tiesi?Courtesy of Netflix

Since Bre Tiesi officially made her Selling Sunset debut during season six, the model turned real estate agent brought both high-profile clientele and peak drama to the Netflix series. Now, she's back for more in the seventh installment of the season. As you indulge in new episodes, you may be wondering: Who is Bre Tiesi really, and how did she get to where she is today? Browse everything you should know about the 32-year-old ahead, including some things you might have missed.

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Her favorite design style is modern.

A quick browse through Bre's Instagram, and you'll notice a few moments captured in her home (like the time she put NSFW art on display!). It's clear she currently gravitates toward a go-to design style. "I love the modern look with a minimalistic edge," Bre tells House Beautiful.

She loves to spend time in her son's nursery.

Bre's favorite room in her home is her so'’s nursery. "It's done perfectly, and there's so much love and good energy that fills that room," Tiesi says of the space. The walls are lined in a dreamy, cloudlike wallcovering. Soft gray drapery with a purple undertone, white furnishings, and a beaded chandelier complete the cozy space.

If she were to choose a second favorite spot, she'd pick her breakfast nook. She explains, "I love to entertain and could sit there for hours!"

She loves to travel.

When she's vacationing, Bre is likely to be anywhere there's a beach. "My favorite spot is Bora Bora, but I also love Cabo and Miami," the real estate agent says.

She sometimes keeps hot Cheetos in her purse.

Bre always has the essentials on her—and that sometimes happens to be a bag of hot Cheetos. During the trailer for Selling Sunset season seven, Bre asks her fellow agents, "Does anybody want a hot Cheeto?"

She proceeds to pull a hot Cheeto out of her purse and eat it while Emma Hernan observes, in shock, "You just pulled a Cheeto out of your Birkin bag!"

We can't blame her! Who doesn't want access to a little snack while on the go?

She was asked to be on Selling Sunset multiple times.

selling sunset bre tiesi in season 6 of selling sunset cr courtesy of netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

Bre turned down the chance to be a cast member on season two of Selling Sunset. When she was approached a second time a few years later, she declined yet again. She finally signed on for seasons six and seven after her relationship with Nick Cannon had been made public and she had a baby with him. "It's come full circle," she told E! News. "I wasn't really ready. And then I decided after everything was out and I was in a different place in life that I was officially ready."

She has a baby with Nick Cannon.

In June 2022, Bre welcomed a baby named Legendary Love (Legend) Cannon with multihyphenate and father of 12 (with six women) Nick Cannon. Legend is Bre's first child and baby number eight for Nick. On social media, Bre shared that she had an all-natural home birth. "This experience has changed me forever and I couldn't have asked for a more amazing and supportive partner," she wrote on Instagram. "Daddy showed the f up for us.. I couldn't of done it without you."

Bre runs a separate Instagram account just for Legend that features various holiday-themed photoshoots, extravagant outings (think a Versace stroller and Nobu for lunch), and cute snapshots with Mom and Dad.

Her ex-husband is Johnny Manziel.

Bre was in a relationship with former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel. In March 2017, they got engaged after dating for less than a year. They wed at a courthouse in March 2018 and officially confirmed their split in March 2019. At the time, Bre accused him of cheating in a series of Instagram comments.

She’s protective of her family.

Come for her family, and she'll come for you! On Selling Sunset, Bre is very clear about how protective she is of her family. She thinks everyone is entitled to their own opinion and doesn't care what others think of her lifestyle. "People are going to love or hate my situation, and that's fine," Bre told E! News. "I am not your typical, conventional type of person, and I live it loud and proud. I don't really care how anyone feels about it, but I definitely have some spice. And when you take it too far, I'm the first one to go a little too far with you."

Her estimated net worth is likely high.

While she's not listed on Celebrity Net Worth quite yet, Bre's estimated net worth ranges from $300k to $6 million, per various online outlets. By comparison, Heather Rae El Moussa's estimated net worth is $3 million, Chrishell Stause's is $6 million, and former Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn's is $3 million.

She used to model.

a woman in a white coat
Chris Martin

Born and raised in Calabasas, California, Bre got into modeling when she was 16 years old. "I literally fell into modeling," she told E! News. "I had never in a million years even considered or thought about it."

Initially, Bre wanted to be a surgical technician. At the time, however, she was dating a guy who was in the industry, and his mother suggested that she get into modeling. She eventually became the spokesmodel of Rockstar Energy for two years and has continued to immerse herself in the modeling industry since then.

She decided to venture into real estate because she likes to try a little bit of everything. She explained to E! News: "I just wanted to branch out and really build my portfolio and I was like, 'I want to be the plug.' So I basically became the plug for everything, whether you wanted to get a house rental or you wanted to get a jet, you needed a car service, needed security, whatever you need, I made sure that I could supply that."

selling sunset l to r bre tiesi, saweetie in season 6 of selling sunset cr courtesy of netflix © 2023
Bre Tiesi showing rapper Saweetie a house during Selling Sunset’s sixth season.Courtesy of Netflix

She created a health and fitness series.

Bre partnered with OFTV to launch Elevate with Bre, a series of workout videos. "It's definitely all about elevating your life, whether it's fitness, your boss mentality, taking your power back—just all of the things as a woman," she told E! News. "These workouts were supposed to be more empowering than intimidating and encouraging women to try things."

She's passionate about volunteer work.

In her free time, Bre loves to give back to the community. Her official bio on The Oppenheim Group website reads: "She looks forward to the Westside Community Dinner and Celebration annually and gives her time and energy to other community-oriented organizations. Breana loves animals of all kinds and supports PETA and their mission to protect animal rights."

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