8-Year-Old Girl In Woodlands Accident Still Unconscious

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Four people, including an 8-year-old child were brought to the hospital when a red Audi and a van collided at Woodlands Avenue 12 around 8pm last Friday night (October 23).

woodlands accident
woodlands accident

Image Source: 8world News

Collision causes critical injuries

In a video posted on Facebook by ROADS.sg, the two vehicles were seen colliding, which caused the little girl and her 23-year-old cousin to fling out of the vehicle from the impact.

The red Audi was cruising along the right-most lane when suddenly a grey van pulled up in front to make a turn, causing the Audi to slam its breaks and collide violently with the van.

The police said the four passengers in both vehicles were still conscious when they were brought to the hospital.

The little girl however still remained unconscious a day after her emergency operation. Her father said she had the operation at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital before she was eventually transferred to KK Women’s and Children’s hospital’s intensive care unit.

Girl’s condition remains unstable but has slightly improved

The 8-year-old’s father, Tan, has stated that while his daughter’s condition was only slightly better, the doctor said the next few days will still be critical for her due to the blood clots in her brain.

Reports say she also suffered fractures in both her legs, with the right leg with a more severe injury that it was deep enough to expose her bone.

The child remains in intensive care as of reporting.

Tan does not blame his brother-in-law who was revealed to be the van’s driver

The van driver, who was later arrested for reckless driving, was revealed to actually be Tan’s brother-in-law.

Tan expressed that he does not blame him for the accident. He has now since been released by the authorities, but would be recalled to assist further investigations.

The driver’s 23-year-old son and 27-year-old daughter were also victims of the accident and were injured along with their cousins. Tan’s 6-year-old daughter was also involved in the accident but was fortunately unharmed although was traumatised by the night’s events.

Audi suspected for speeding

Meanwhile, the driver of the red Audi was also found to have seemingly been speeding in the video and may not have been able to hit the brake on time.

Tan is now seeking assistance from anyone who might have further information on the Woodlands accident to come forward.


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