8-year-old Girl in Woodlands Accident Wakes Up After 11-day Coma

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The eight-year-old girl who was flung out of a van following a car collision in Woodlands on Friday (23 October) has woken up 11 days after slipping into a coma.

Her father, Eric Tan, who has been posting daily updates of her condition, shared the positive news on his Facebook account on Tuesday (3 Nov).

Girl in Woodlands Accident Wakes Up From Coma

While Mr Tan gave no further updates then, it is an optimistic development considering that Lovelynn—who sustained injuries on her head and legs—was in critical condition for several days.

A day after Lovelynn regained her consciousness however, Mr Tan took to Facebook once again to update friends and family on her progress.

According to him, there has been no drastic movement in Lovelynn’s right eye and body due to the blood clot in her brain.

“Further specific observation will be required,” he adds. 

Lovelynn remains in the intensive care unit (ICU) of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) where she is warded.

Girl In Woodlands Accident
Girl In Woodlands Accident

Image source: Facebook/宝旺

8-year-old Flung Out of Van

Lovelynn was flung out of the vehicle, reportedly from a van that her uncle was driving. The car collision at Woodlands Avenue 12 also involved a red Audi.

According to police, four passengers (including Lovelynn) in both vehicles were brought to the hospital while they were still conscious. 

Lovelynn was said to have remained unconscious a day after her emergency operation at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. The child was eventually transferred to KKH intensive care unit. 

Girl In Woodlands Accident
Girl In Woodlands Accident

Lovelynn reportedly suffered fractures in both her legs, with the right leg more severely injured, such that it was deep enough to expose her bone. Image source: Facebook/宝旺

In a previous post (just hours before Lovelynn awoke), the dad shared that the swelling in her brain has reduced even though she has not regained consciousness. The blood clots had also gradually dissolved. 

Image source: Facebook/宝旺

He wrote that Lovelynne was estimated to take a longer time to recover and would have to remain in the ICU for further observation as the mobility on the right side of her body has been affected. 

Speaking to the media previously, Mr Tan said that both Lovelynn’s legs which were broken, are healing properly and there is no sign of infection.

After hearing of Lovelynn’s plight, many have also come forward to offer support to which the father said he is grateful for.

Facebook user Andy Ang, who coordinated a fundraising campaign to help out Lovelynn’s family shared on Friday (Oct 30) that a donation fund of $39,575.00 has been prepared for them.

He is said to be a friend of the girl’s parents. 

Lead image source: Facebook/Kelvin Wong, Facebook/宝旺


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