8-year-old Girl Involved In Woodlands Car Collision Showing Signs Of Responsiveness; Still In ICU

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Just over a week after being admitted to the intensive care unit, the eight-year-old girl involved in the car collision which took place in Woodlands last week has started showing signs of responsiveness, her father shared on Facebook.

The victim, Lovelynn Tan, sustained injuries on her head and legs after being flung out of the vehicle involved in the accident at Woodlands Avenue 12 last Friday (23 October).

Woodlands Accident Victim Showing Responsiveness

In a Facebook post on Friday (30 October), Lovelynn’s father Eric Tan shared that she has begun showing signs of responsiveness. According to media reports, medical staff at KK Women and Children’s Hospital were helping to clear her phlegm when she started to react.

Mr Tan, however, noted that Lovelynn is still not out of the woods and remains in a coma. He said Lovelynn still needs to remain under observation.

Woodlands Accident
Woodlands Accident

The Woodlands accident victim remains in ICU said her father. | Image source: Eric Tan/Facebook

Speaking to the media, Mr Tan said Lovelynn has undergone three brain scans since getting admitted to the ICU and she might be undergoing another scan within the next two days.

He also said that both Lovelynn’s legs re healing properly and there is no sign of infection.

Woodlands Accident Victim Received Donations

Mr Tan also expressed gratitude towards those who have extended their generosity towards their family after the accident.


A Facebook user shared that collected funds of $39,575.00 will be donated to Lovelynn’s family.


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